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I started wanting to model when I was in high school. My mom was supportive, but had a lot of reservations about it. She strongly believes the modeling world gives everyone an eating disorder and body dysmorphia, which is true but not all the time. I want to model in a more positive light because I am not a size 0 or 00 and I never will be. I love my body and who I am and I think it’s very important for everyone to feel that way. I started talking to a modeling agency in my senior year of high school and they loved me, but unfortunately my parents thought it was a scam because they wanted 3,000 dollars, which it probably would be but I was heart broken. But I let it go because of the money problem. I didn’t even think about modeling after that until I transferred to Lasell University. Then modeling opportunities opened up for me. I modeled for a senior during one of their creative photoshoots. Then Lasell does a runway show every year to show off the designer’s creations. I was nervous when I applied to be a model for the show because I didn’t think anyone would pick me. But that was not the case. I got asked to model for two undergraduate students. One in tailoring and one in swimwear. That made me so happy because they picked me to model for their garments. Then I got another email from a senior designer to model for her collection; I was on cloud 9. I was so excited to be modeling for these amazing girls. I did get asked to model by another senior but I was only able to model for one senior. The whole process of garment reviews, trying everything on, photoshoots, and dress rehearsal has been so fun and rewarding. Who knew that transferring to this school would be the best decision ever?

Hello! My name is Kayleigh Bollin. I am a study at Lasell University, studying Fashion Media and Marketing. I enjoy fashion, listening to music, dancing, and going out to Boston. I am from Martha's Vineyard, Mass.