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Let’s start off with a little introduction. I’m a sophomore at Lasell University, studying Fashion Media and Marketing with a minor in Content Development and Strategizing. I have always had a thing for fashion but never pursued it because I was unaware of the careers in fashion. I went to Curry College for my freshman year studying marketing; I hated it there. Then I found Lasell.

After college I would love to move somewhere warm like LA or Miami. I think I would do really well in these cities. I used to want to go to NYC but after I visited a couple times, I changed my mind, and they have snow. I have a background in photography so I would love to freelance as a side job wherever I end up. I will be 21 when I graduate college, which is a good age to really figure my life out. I want to have my own apartment by 22 in either LA or Miami, by myself or with roommates. From 22 to 25 I would work really hard making connections in my industry and saving money to start my own business.

By 25 I want to have started my own social media agency that works with small fashion brands to get noticed on Instagram. I have had this business idea in my head for about a year now. I would develop the content, do the posting schedule, and more. I see this as very possible, I was a social media manager for a cafe a couple of years ago. To make this happen, I would like to work with an agency and develop connections first, then go out on my own. Social media is so prevalent; I don’t have any worries about getting a job. I have already made so many connections already at Lasell University.

Hello! My name is Kayleigh Bollin. I am a study at Lasell University, studying Fashion Media and Marketing. I enjoy fashion, listening to music, dancing, and going out to Boston. I am from Martha's Vineyard, Mass.