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I don’t care that I am in college, I fucking love coloring. It is a relaxing and mindless creative outlet. Putting on a comfort show or movie, grabbing a warm beverage and coloring has become an act of self care for me. Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics. I thought I’d share some of my personal coloring book favorites from the book itself to some fun markers! 

Bobbie Goods – AKA The Coloring Book God

I found this brand on TikTok, and let me tell you it is worth the hype. I bought her spring coloring book, the cutest tote bag I own, and a bookmark from her shop. I find that adult coloring books are sometimes just too complex with too many details, but kids coloring books just aren’t that great. This is why I love Bobbie Goods. Her coloring books are these cute little animals going on picnics, hanging in the park, ect. They have detail, but not an overwhelming amount. I only have one of her books, but I want more! They sell out quickly, so definitely keep an eye out if you are thinking of purchasing. 

Dual Tip Markers

I loveeee dual tip markers. I am going to link the ones I have, I found these on Amazon. I have tried a lot of different dual tip markers and so far I really like these ones. I am not sure if it’s the cute circular box they come in or the fact that after almost 5 months and many coloring sheets later, they are still just as vibrant as when I first got them. Dual tip markers are great for coloring because the brush side can be used for bigger areas and the pen side can be used for smaller details or even to add in your own touches! Plus they just make you feel a little extra fancy.

Bevy Time!

Okay, so maybe this isn’t an essential, but if you are going full self care moment, a little bevy is always needed! I have personally been loving a cup of Earl Grey tea with a little cream and sugar, but the world of warm cozy beverages is endless. So, grab your favorite and enjoy! 

Comfort Media

Last but not least, turn on that comfort movie, show, audiobook, or podcast! Really just soak in those relaxing vibes. Lately, I have been rewatching New Girl and Gilmore Girls. I also have been rewatching the Ice Age movies, I know, let me live. And for podcasts I cannot recommend We’re Having Gay Sex and Chosen Family enough. 

And there you have it, my favorite coloring book essentials. Go have yourself a cozy self care night, you deserve it love!

Ceci Wood

Lasell '24

Ceci is a Senior at Lasell University and is studying English. In her free time, you can find her reading, writing, making some banging playlists, or playing the sims!