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In college when you’re meeting new people, you begin taking note of these names. During the last few years, I have compiled a list of men’s names that I think are red flags. These are just my opinions and no hate to any individuals who happen to have this name.

Joe/Joseph: This is more of a personal one for me, as in my personal experience I have never met a good man named Joe, along with the fact that most of my friends can also agree with this. 

Kyle: This will be my second strongest feeling towards a name. I will say that usually this name is giving a frat boy who is trying to break your heart or a nerd boy who just may create emotional harm in your life… Occasionally a mix of the two occurs for sure.

Ryan: This may just be because it is such a basic name that they get such a bad reputation from the majority of men with the name. When I close my eyes I see a blonde-haired blue-eyed lacrosse or baseball player who tends to play multiple girls at the same time.

Drew: These men stress me out, for some reason, I always see them as uptight men who overstress about everything and somehow make it your problem. However, they seem to always be more in touch with their feelings, and all respect to them for that.

Anthony: Probably another name that is strictly just because of how many guys have this name. Not so much from my personal experience with an Anthony, but more based on what I see on social media. This is the guy who wants you but doesn’t want another girl and doesn’t want you to give your attention to another man.

Jake: I feel like not much has to be said about this one. They seem like they would be wicked nice to you at first and then once you start seeing them they go above and beyond to ruin your mental wellbeing. However, some are buried below the majority that genuinely can be the sweetest, but you can never know for sure which ones they are… so it is easier to stay away.

These are simply for fun and jokes and in no way is hate towards any specific being. These are just my opinions of names that are associated with the most red-flagged men. 

Carley Ellis

Lasell '26

Carley is a member and events director of HerCampus, she is a forensic science major in her sophomore year at Lasell University. She is also a member of other clubs on campus such as the Forensic Science Association. In her spare time she likes to read, play video games, and pick up new hobbies such as doing her own nails.