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Men that hate cats probably won’t respect your boundaries

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Now I should preface that it’s not always 100% accurate but if you want to test a man to see if he’ll be a good guy, ask him if he likes cats. If he says he hates them, RUN!! Girl, just run! 

If the guy hates cats but loves dogs what does that say about them? Dogs love to be pets. They love the attention. They will follow you everywhere, and they will be loyal to you no matter what. Cats like to be pet, but when they want and where they want, they will follow you if they want, and they will be loyal to you if you’re worth it. 

So let’s put this into perspective, Pretend you are the animal (2 scenarios):

If your man only likes dogs, that is like saying if you are the “dog” that he expects you to let him touch/love/talk to you when he wants to touch/love/talk to you, and that he expects you to go with him where he wants to go even if it isn’t what you want to do. He expects you to be loyal/respectful without any hesitation or reason, or exchanged respect. Now if you were the dog it means that he hates when you tell him you do not want to be touched/loved/talked to at the current moment, and hates that you don’t just blindly follow him wherever he wants to go even if you do not want to go there and hates that you aren’t loyal or respectful to him, even if he hasn’t been that way to you. 

If your man likes cats that means that he understands when you don’t want to be touched/loved/ talked to. He knows that at some point you may come back to him for those things but at the current moment it is not something you need. It means he understands that if you do not want to go somewhere that he wants to go to, then you do not have to go. He understands it just may not be a good time for you right now and other times might be and hell respect when you want to go and when you don’t want to go. It means he understands that you do not have to be loyal or respectful if that is not reciprocated by him to you as well. 

Therefore, men who like cats are great men. Men who don’t, are not. 

Also side note, if your man is not respecting your boundaries, regardless of whether or not he likes or hates cats, speak up. Nothing will change if you don’t express yourself. If he still doesn’t respect them after that, RUN! Get away from that man.

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