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Meagan Pariseau: Blue Key Society & Lasell Says Thank You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Meagan Pariseau is a senior at Lasell College. Pariseau originally hails from West Stewartstown in northern New Hampshire. In Pariseau’s case northern N.H. means Canada is actually her next door neighbor, and the border is only half a mile from her house. Currently, she lives a little farther away from Canada, residing in Arnow Campus Center. She will also be graduating early in December 2016. It takes a very dedicated and organized person to be able to graduate an entire semester early, and Pariseau is determined to make it happen. In less than four months, Pariseau will graduate with a B.A. in Fashion Communication and Promotion with a minor in Event Management.

Before Pariseau can move into the professional career world she plans to make the most of her time here at Lasell. This semester she is a trip leader for Lasell Says Thank You, along with being a Global Ambassador and a Blue Keys Society Ambassador. The Lasell Says Thank You club provides many opportunities for students to participate in service learning, and as a trip leader Pariseau helps plan one of the annual trips to New Jersey. As one can see, Pariseau makes no moves to slow down just because graduation is right around the corner. Along with her courses, after-class activities, and work, Pariseau still manages to fit in an internship.

“I am interning with Kathy Benharris Productions. She is a Boston-based fashion show producer,” says Pariseau. “I’ve been with her since my sophomore year and I’ve worked behind the scenes, styling looks for the runway. I will have the opportunity this October to produce my first solo show.”


Soon, Pariseau will be able to add ‘Fashion Show Producer’ to her already extensive list of accomplishments. If that sounds like a lot to do, just remember that those are only her current accomplishments. She still has many past achievements to discuss.

Previously, Pariseau has studied abroad in Florence, Italy at Florence University of the Arts. Through Lasell’s study abroad program, Pariseau gained a new perspective on culture and realized how much she missed Lasell.

“I loved being able to travel and I liked being able to take classes from a different culture’s perspective,” said Pariseau. “I liked taking a class on the Holocaust from an Italian perspective as opposed to how the Americans see it because their role was very different in it than ours was.

“What I like about Lasell the most is the close knit community and how staff and faculty are always willing to help students, whether it be for school or personal reasons. I also like the opportunities that come with working closely with staff and faculty,” Pariseau said.

While it seems like Pariseau spends a majority of her time on the Lasell campus, she actually has many different and adventurous hobbies. In the winter, her hobbies include snowmobiling, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. In the summer she attends country concerts, Red Sox Games, and goes to the beach. Pariseau has seen well over five country artists perform live, and as one can tell country music is her favorite genre to listen to.

Pariseau keeps two specific quotes in mind when navigating through her jam-packed life.

“I guess my favorite quote would be either, ‘Don’t let what’s good go to your head, but don’t let what’s bad go to your heart’ or ‘Failure is not measured by how many times we fall, but by how many times we stand back up,’” Pariseau said.

These two quotes perfectly sum up how Pariseau is a independent woman who will never let anything stop her from doing what makes her happy. That is a person Lasell College is proud to have as part of the student body and future alumni.