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Makeup Revolution Beauty Review

Looking for a makeup brand to try out that has quality products at decent prices? I’ve got you covered! Anyone that knows me knows I do not enjoy spending much on makeup, but also do not want to use products that will easily clog up my skin. Revolution Beauty has truly changed my makeup game for the better and I have never been happier with a group of products ever before!


Before I dive into the products I have used, I figured I would provide some background on the company, considering I did not know much about Revolution when I purchased from them. Revolution Beauty is a British company that has been around for nearly 30 years. Revolution truly stands apart from other brands being that they create products faster than any other company, and they believe that everyone, no matter their sex, race, or budget should be excited about using makeup, and are 100% cruelty free! Their main focus is to launch products to their consumers that are affordable and also show the passion their team has for makeup in the fast moving beauty world we are in.

The first product I ever tried from Revolution was the Vivid Baked Highlight in the shade Golden Lights. I purchased it for only $6 at Ulta so at first I was not expecting it to be all that great. Let me tell you, I was completely wrong! This highlighter is actually my favorite one that I own. The first week I wore the this product, I got asked by three different people if I was wearing the Fenty highlighter. Knowing that my $6 product looks so similar to a $35 Fenty Beauty product is both amazing and crazy at the same time. It really made me question my makeup purchases and how much I should really be spending.


I then figured I might as well try a few more products from Revolution, considering the highlight ended up being really good quality. I took another trip to Ulta and ended up picking up the Duo Brow Definer and the Pro Fix Illuminating Fixing Spray. I use the eyebrow pencil almost every day and actually like it better than my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil! Needless to say these three products were just as great as the highlight I had previously purchased. I would definitely give this underrated makeup brand an 11/10 as I was completely blown away with the quality of their products and I am definitely going to continue trying new products from them!


Brianna is a sophomore at Lasell College majoring in Fashion Merchandising, with a minor in Event Management. She loves shopping, traveling, and anything Disney related. In the future, Brianna plans to work in the bridal industry, as it has been something that she’s always dreamed of.
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