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Looking Back at My Four Years of College

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It is crazy for me to think about it, but I am graduating in only a few weeks. I do feel proud of my accomplishments, but a part of me still feels like a 16-year-old. Being an adult is weird and comes with its difficulties. I remember how badly I wanted to be an adult and to have the ability to construct my life. After graduating from university, people are often faced with deciding their careers and beginning their paths for the rest of their lives. I wanted to reflect on my four years of college and share some advice I wish I had when I was a freshman. 

The first that I probably regret most about my college experience is not trying enough new things. Although there were aspects of my college experience that I loved, I honestly could have had more fun. At the beginning of my senior year, on a whim, I decided to do the inflatable obstacle course at one of the back-to-school events. That experience was so grounding and fun that it made me wish I had participated in more on-campus activities. So, one of my first pieces of advice that I wish I knew is to look for the fun activities that are hosted on campus. 

Another piece of advice that I wish I knew is to remind myself that I am human. From personal experience, I remember thinking that I needed to have everything planned out and have so many jobs lined up. I wish I spent more time outside taking in the experience of having new independence. 

I understand that the idea of going to college is scary for some people. I was once that scared freshman. I realized that it was just a new chapter for me. While I had some great years at college, I look forward to graduating and my next new chapter. 

Megan Curley

Lasell '23

I'm a senior double-majoring in Hospitality and Event Management with a minor in Marketing. My hobbies include being obsessed with Formula 1, camping, and trying new things.