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Live Music on a College Budget

Love concerts and live music events? Don’t want to break the bank on tickets from LiveNation? There are a multitude of exciting options both here on campus or around Boston! Here’s a list of local and wallet friendly options.


1.       Free Concerts: Radio Stations including 92.9 and 103.3 frequently put on concerts featuring BIG artists free of charge. For example last summer radio 92.9 held their ‘Copley Series’ of free concerts in Copley Square. Nothing coming up soon? Try calling into different radio stations to win free tickets, or free access to promotional events.


2.       Boston Symphony Orchestra: The BSO offers a college card for 25$, students can attend numerous events with no additional cost. Other options with the BSO include their open rehearsals and upcoming $20 under 40 event, which costs $20 if you’re under 40 years old.


3.       Musicals: Lasell Drama Club is putting on ‘Seussical the Musical’ November 19-21 at 8PM and November 22 at 6PM. If you enjoy crazy fun Doctor Seuss stories, beautiful music full of gorgeous harmonies, and supporting the school drama club (and your peers who participate in it *cough cough*) then it’s just the thing for you.


4.       Open Mic Nights: Lasell’s open mic night is coming up Wednesday, October 7 at 9PM in the Arnow Campus Center, these events are held several times during the school year and are a great opportunity to enjoy local talent free of charge and support your peers at the same time. You can even participate and show off your own musical talent if you attend!


5.       Karaoke Night: There’s no shame in a fun night singing your heart out to America’s favorite hits, or better yet watching your friends and classmates sing Katy Perry. Again, this one is free of charge and will be held on Saturday, October 3 at 9PM in the Arnow Campus Center.


6.       Lasell College Radio: LCR hosts events including socials, dances, and concerts throughout the year so keep an eye out for these free (or low cost) campus events! The Halloween Social will be held on Friday, October 30 this year!


7.       Club Events: Lots of clubs host events including live music. For example, the Saudi Club recently held an event in DeWitt Hall featuring cultural music and dancing, and Lasell’s A Capella group the ‘Spartones’ and the Choir group showcase their talent throughout the year. Paying attention to flyers and events listed on MyLasell is crucial to spotting all of these campus events.


None of these catch your interest? There are innumerable venues in Boston which offer cheap or discounted tickets, local collegiate and high school concerts and recitals are always a good option, and Boston’s streets are littered with street performers begging for your attention. Better yet, Lasell has hundreds of activities each year, many of which involve live music and performance arts, all of which are free or priced more college friendly.  


Mackenzie Dineen attends Lasell College and will graduate in 2019, she is a Communications major concentrating in media journalism and entertainment media, and she hopes to write for Alternative Press one day. Mackenzie loves Punk and Rock music, is a firm believer in sustainable living, and spends most of her free time drawing, writing, singing, or reading. You will probably never spot Mackenzie with a natural hair color, and her fridge will never be lacking in chocolate ice cream, she is always open to making new friends or listening to new music!
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