Listen Up Lasers: Best Girl Power Songs

With all that’s happening in the world today, it is important that we remember to empower our female population. If you need a little boost remembering how awesome you are, give some of these songs a listen.



  1. This One’s for the Girls- Martina McBride

The title says it all for this song. Every woman at any age can get something out of this song.


2. Girl on Fire- Alicia Keys

In case you forgot how powerful you were in this crazy world.


3. You don’t own me- Grace

Be independent and don't ever let a man call you his.


4. The Boys-Nicki Minaj

When that boy isn't there for you, your girls will always be there to pick you back up.


5. I Don’t Need A Man- The Pussycat Dolls

Speaking of men, who says you need one anyway?


6. I Am Woman-Jordin Sparks

Nobody else does it like woman can.



7. Try-Colbie Caillat

This song is great when it feels like the world is telling you who to be.


8. Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Pat Benatar

A reminder of just how strong you are.


9. Us Against The World- Play

So we should all stand together.


10. Independent Woman- Destiny’s Child

This song should be the female anthem.


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