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Lauren Graves: A Positive Person

If you ever need a friend, Lauren Graves is your girl. Her sparkling personality is hard to ignore when you first meet her. She is outgoing, caring, and loves to make new friends. Graves is a freshman this year from Presque Isle, Maine, and is studying Fashion Merchandising. Recently she joined Hope for Humanity and Pride Club.

“I love the self expression that comes with fashion. Fashion enables me and others to be whoever we want to be. Clothing is like a medium to me, fashion helps me express myself,” Graves says. In ten years, Graves would like to see herself in either London or New York City.

“I would definitely be married to man with a man-bun and facial hair. And we will definitely have a pug,” she says.

Fashion isn’t the only thing Graves loves. She also loves going to art museums, small adventures with friends, and listening to music.

“I love the Black Keys, Lana Del Rey, and Fleet Foxes. I love all music really, but I am not too into country music,” she says. Graves also enjoys Wes Anderson films, including The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom. Her favorite song of all time is “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

An interesting fact about Graves is that she developed an app. She and a few friends from high school were a part of a club called SkillsUSA. In the club, they developed an iPhone app called “Auto-Text.”

“We invented Auto-Text to help prevent texting and driving,” she says. Graves and her friends ended up winning SkillsUSA Nationals two years in a row for their app, but due to lack of funds, it is not available on the app store.

Don’t be shy to come up to Graves and say hello. She is always friendly and a positive person to be around.

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