Lasell Lingo

In the Lasell College community, we are very tightknit. Every so often we forget there is a world outside of Lasell and we start to speak our own language. If you’re a member of the Lasell community or just a visiting guest, here are some of the strange things you might hear and what they really mean.

1.Boomers- You might hear this and think that someone is referring to our school mascot. Nope, they are talking about the only place on campus that you can get fried food to revive you after being in the library all night and missing dinner.

2.Nugget Night- Nugget Night is the best day of the week for most members of the Lasell community. On Thursday nights, the dining hall serves the most awesome meal ever of mac and cheese, just how Mom makes it, and chicken nuggets.

3.Sunday Sundae- Sunday sundae is the second best night of the week at the dining hall, when our everyday normal ice cream station gets transformed into an ice cream sundae bar.

4. “Are you getting a torch this year?” - You might overhear this question or even be asked it. At Lasell, if you are getting a torch this means a graduating senior has chosen you to pass down their legacy to. You will then receive their torch in the annual Torch Parade in May.

5.Villagers- Are you wondering why people keep saying there are villagers walking around on campus? No, we do not live in a village, but the people being mentioned are just the members of the Lasell Village retirement community.

6.Halloweekend- No one celebrates Halloween quite like a Laser. We celebrate not one, not two, but the entire three days of Halloween Weekend.

7. A Laser- An official member of the Lasell community, always and forever.