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Kylie Jenner Gives Birth To First Child with Travis Scott

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

MAJOR TEA ALERT! The truth is out! Kylie Jenner has confirmed her pregnancy by announcing she has given birth. On Feb. 1, 2018, at 4:43 pm, Jenner gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Jenner took to social media to post a response/apology to her fans for hiding her pregnancy, but then explained why she chose to keep it secret. Jenner shared that her pregnancy was the most life-changing experience of her life. She also described her pregnancy as beautiful and empowering. Jenner announced that she couldn’t wait to share this moment with her followers and fans.

Jenner posted a video on YouTube titled “To Our Daughter”. The 11-minute video follows Jenner’s pregnancy and many moments throughout her pregnancy. Jenner’s close family and friends also were featured commenting on the moment they found out Jenner was pregnant and their reactions. This video is dedicated to Jenner’s newborn daughter, and many of the commentators speak directly to the daughter. Jenner’s close friend and roommate, Jordyn Woods, starts off the video stating the struggles of coming out of your teens and into your lower twenties. Woods states that everything is so unsure, but there was one thing Jenner was sure of “and that’s you”.

The video features never-before-seen clips of Jenner with boyfriend Travis Scott. The video also features clips of a pregnant Jenner with her family, friends, and Scott’s family. Jenner also featured footage from her baby shower. Also in this video, people catch their first glance at sister Kim Kardashian’s newest edition, Chicago.

Jenner has not yet revealed the name of her baby girl. Congrats to Jenner and Scott on their new bundle of joy.

It may be the Super Bowl and Patriots might become back to back champions, but this news made me happier than a kid on Christmas! I have been telling all my friends for months that she is pregnant and now that it has finally happened, and I am still shocked and “shook”. Leave it to Jenner to break the world and one-up the Patriots!

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Kyle Mahoney is a recent Lasell College graduate. Kyle majored in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, with a minor in Business. Kyle has written for Her Campus Lasell for three years, as well with completing an internship with HCHQ Spring semester of 2018.