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Kylie Cosmetics Releases Kylighter

Kylie Cosmetics is at it again, releasing its own shades of highlighters.  It’s not just one shade being released, but SIX, all in varying shades for different skin tones, ranging from gold to bronze.

This has come to a surprise to many because Kylie Jenner once revealed that she’s not big about highlighting. Yet with competitive Sephora brands like Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Hourglass constantly coming out with new highlighter palettes, it was time she came into the race.

With playful dessert names like Banana Split, French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Cotton Candy Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Cherry, her new highlighters will make anyone look oh so sweet.



Jenner was helpful on her Snapchat stories, revealing which shades were perfect for which skin tones.  Banana Split, French Vanilla, and Cotton Candy Cream are made for girls with a paler complexion, while Salted Caramel, Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Cherry are for girls with deeper and tanner complexions.  Jenner’s personal favorite is Cotton Candy Cream that she describes as a ‘cool tone neutral metallic,’ versatile for really any skin tone.  On her Snapchat story, Jenner says that her highlighters are very silky smooth, not chalk.

Each highlighter comes in a cute little compact.  Called a “Kylighter”, it features Kylie Cosmetics’ signature drip design.  The packaging is perfect, even coming with a built- in mirror.



It’s not certain yet how much the Kylighters will be, but they are sure to be reasonably priced for a high end brand, like the rest of her products.  They are to be released today. February 28 at 3PM PST.   



Madison Paloski is a senior at Lasell University studying fashion communication and promotion and graphic design.  She is currently the Editor in Chief of her school's chapter of Her Campus, an editorial stylist for POLISHED Magazine and Founder and Creative Director of the Fashion Styling and Photography Club on her campus.  She can most likely be found with an old film camera in hand, eating Chipotle, or at any local Saver's.  Her Instagram can be found at @maddiiiooyx and other work can be found at madisonpaloski.wixsite.com/portfolio.
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