Kyle's Korner: Meet the Queens of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10

If you were sad about RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season three ending, you’re in luck! Just one week after the season finale, RuPaul premiered the beginning of RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 10. This season marks a decade of RuPaul bringing drag to television. This season is full of nostalgia and reminiscing earlier seasons and challenge premises. Here are the queens of season 10*:


Aquaria, named after her zodiac sign, hails from NYC. Aquaria was the youngest queen competing in this season at the age of 21. Aquaria is also the drag daughter of Sharon Needles, the season 4 winner. Aquaria is commonly confused with Miz Cracker, another queen on this season.

Miz Cracker

Originally named Brianna Cracker, Miz Cracker also comes from NYC and is 33 years old. Miz Cracker is the drag daughter of season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen. Aquaria and Miz Cracker’s resemblance to each other has already been a talking point of the show. When watching the queens get ready, it happens that they sometimes have the same makeup look. This causes a lot of friction between the two contestants.

Eureka O’Hara

Previously seen on season 9, Eureka makes a return to Drag Race after having to leave the last season due to a medical injury. Eureka hurt her knee and ACL while performing a cheerleading routine on the show. Even though Eureka needed to leave to have surgery, she was promised a spot on the next season. Eureka is still afraid of hurting herself, claiming she still isn’t medically-approved to dance, but has to do it anyway on the show.

Asia O’Hara

No relation to Eureka, Asia is a pageant queen. Asia, along with winning numerous notable drag pageants, was crowned Miss Gay USofA (2007), All American Goddess (2012), and Miss Gay America (2016). Asia’s drag mother is Josephina O’Hara and Asia is the drag mother to season 4 and All Stars 2 competitor, Phi Phi O’Hara.

Blair St. Clair

Known for her more classic, glamorous style, Blair St. Clair is the first drag queen from Indiana to be on the show. Blair is also one of the youngest queens on the show, being only a few months older than Aquaria. Blair is also a hairdresser and won the title of Miss Gay Indiana 2016.


Dusty Ray Bottoms

Originally from Kentucky, Dusty Ray moved to NYC to pursue an acting career. Dusty Ray is known for her unique, edgy style. Dusty Ray’s family is involved in the church. Dusty Ray, 30, is also engaged!  

Mayhem Miller

Mayhem Miller, 36-years-old of LA, is a prominent figure in the West Hollywood drag scene. Mayhem is the oldest queen on the show this season and has helped many other past competitors with their drag. Mayhem has been auditioning for RuPaul’s Drag Race every season since season 2. Finally, Mayhem is a contestant on season 10 and won the first challenge.

Kameron Michaels

Known as a “muscle queen”, Kameron wants to shed a positive light on body positivity. Not all drag queens need to be stick thin, or not muscular. Kameron, 31, is proof of being able to be successful while still not having “the right look”. Kameron makes drag her own by trying to not make it an “overly feminine” thing, and inspires others through it. When not in drag, Kameron is a hairdresser and can also do fantasy and creature makeup.

Monet X Change

Monet X Change is another drag queen from NYC. Monet started off the season strong and won the first mini-challenge of the season. Monet is also drag sisters with season 8 winner Bob The Drag Queen, which means Miz Cracker is Monet’s drag niece.  

Monique Heart

Monique Heart, 31, calls her hometown Uniondale, NY, but is currently calling Kansas City, MO home. Monique’s original name was “Kutahbetch”, but her drag sisters did not like the name. After tossing around ideas for hours, they decided on the name Monique.

The Vixen

The Vixen got inspiration for her name through looking at photos of the Vargas girls and pin-up models. The word vixen was used in these prints and caught her eye and she claimed the name as her own. The Vixen, 27, won the challenges of episode two.

Yuhua Hamasaki

Yuhua is the only queen this season that comes from an Asian background. Originally born in China, Yuhua moved with her family to New York when she was seven. Yuhua was the name she was born with, but Yuhua then added the last night “Hamasaki” in honor of Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki. Yuhua has said her name now distinguishes her as an Asian queen, and it sounds fierce. Yuhua is a professional seamstress in her free time.  


*All queens mentioned in this article are currently not eliminated from the show as of March 30, 2018