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Knox Documentary Gets Viewers Thinking

In case the name ‘Amanda Knox’ slipped from your mind, the new documentary about her will definitely remind you of her story that plastered headlines nine years ago. Netflix premiered a new documentary on September 30 pertaining to Knox’s involvement in Meredith Kercher’s murder. If murder mysteries interest you, this is the perfect movie to watch.

Here’s a recap of one of the most famous international murders: in 2007 on November 1, British foreign-exchange student Meredith Kercher was found murdered in her bedroom in Perugia, Italy. Of the three who were suspects, Knox and her new boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were arrested under suspicion. It was apparent at the time to millions how suspicious Knox made herself look during the case. Most individuals to this day still don’t know if she is guilty or not.

However, don’t depend on this documentary to help make the decision on Knox’s guilt. Netflix’s documentary was cinematically filmed in such a manner that it draws the viewer in to pay attention and make judgments of their own. For some it may have been too cinematic, making it feel as though everything was scripted between the interview segments. Directors Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst made it this way to show all sides of the story in a more proper manner than the newspapers ever did during the time of this prolonged event.

The documentary is set up in the simplest way possible. It begins reliving the story of what happened, then releasing never-seen police footage of evidence. It lets the accused tell their stories in attempts to either redeem themselves or prove what is false and what is true. Typically, documentaries lean toward one side or the other to prove the accused guilt or innocence. However, this shows views from the chief prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini; a former journalist who put everything on the front page, Nick Pisa; Knox, and Sollecito.

Besides going through the story, crime scene, and contaminated forensic evidence, the documentary also investigates American reports. It discusses how American media are quick to judge young women, and how to this day Knox still sees her young self focused on in the media.

Amanda Knox is a documentary that can either change someone’s opinion or validate it. This film goes from a crime, to someone’s life, to media, all of which play vital roles in the media Americans ingest every day. The mystery still exists about the murder almost a decade ago, and the majority still question or form their own opinions.

But it’s up to you. Did Knox do it? Was she a part of the murder, or is she telling the truth?

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