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Justice Now Has Plus Size-What It Means for Tweens

     Justice. A wonderland of sparkles and unicorn shirts that every young girl and tween adore. They look to the store for inspiration for their next school dance or their new favorite back to school outfit. Now, when tweens look on their website, a whole new tab appears: plus size. Justice has recently added this to their website! On it, they can find many cute styles, allowing them to express themselves. They come in sizes 10-24. There is a problem though, some of the models for these clothes seem as though they are not plus size!

     Plus sized Justice is a positive thing in regards to the new “opportunities” given to those who need one of these sizes. These girls are now able to wear outfits that their friends are wearing. They can do this while feeling comfortable in their own skin. They are able to expand their style and find designs they like without worrying about if they have it in their size. 

     The real problem though is the models. While they’re modeling clothes that are supposedly for plus sizes tweens, the models themselves are certainly not all plus size. Girls interested in buying these clothes are forced to look at other girls who do not look like them to base how the outfit will look on them. Although not all of the models on the plus size tab are like this, most of them do look like they fit in smaller sizes. This can really mess with someone, especially a girl at a young age. Justice is putting into their heads that they should look like this and how not looking like this still means that their clothes are not for them. Many turn to online shopping now, that is a very basic fact. How are they supposed to know if it will fit them if it doesn’t even look like them? Many companies are starting to take women with all different body types and making them feel that they matter, making their brands accessible to everyone, no matter what they look like. 

    How does this affect the minds of the girls looking at these clothes? Do they feel as many teens do, uncomfortable in their own skin? Do they feel that even though there is a whole section devoted to them that they are less than those who are pictured on the website? Society is taking over the minds of all, including young girls and how they think about themselves and the world around them. Though the inclusion of plus sizes in Justice’s collections is a step forward, they need to do it right to make actual progress.  

Anna Wall

Lasell '22

Lasell University Event Management Student, Class of 2022. She loves llamas, event planning, and country music :)
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