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Jon Eroh ’19

You’ve probably already said hello to this friendly face around campus- but he is so much more than a friendly face! Jon Eroh is a freshman here at Lasell majoring in Human Services with a good head on his shoulders. He is very determined and knows just what he wants. Jon states, “My dream is to work for the Department of Children and Families after college because I have a passion for helping people, especially neglected children. In ten years I want to see myself working in this field, helping the underprivileged and children who come from domestic violence homes.”

But what makes Jon so lovable? He, himself loves friendships and to be able to walk around campus having tons of people to say hi to. It is very important to him to be approachable and to be a happy face because you never know who may need a smile. Plus his laugh is contagious and you really can’t help but be happy when you are with him!


Jon’s favorite thing about Lasell so far has been how open the community has been to homosexuals and the judgement being so miniscule. He feels so at home here and loves the wonderful atmosphere that Lasell has.

When not biking, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the outdoors, Jon is busy at work writing a book for his First Year Seminar class. His book is titled Coming Out in August, an autobiography going in depth of his crazy yet beautiful life. He is planning on getting his work published.

This campus cutie is definitely one to look out for: an up and coming success story and overall a great person. Jon is a friend you want to have, so feel free to always say hi!


Photo provided by Cutie.

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