Introducing Instagram's Newest Attack at Your Wallet: New Shopping Feature to Launch

As if Instagram wasn't targeting our wallets enough with it’s advertisements, you can now purchase items from about twenty brands, without ever leaving the platform. Spending money on another app just got so much more convenient. No more clicking links in captions,bios, or on pictures. The new feature, which launched March 19th, will take the shopper to the product-details page like it normally would when they click on a tag, except they’ll see a new option to "Checkout on Instagram." Then when they proceed, they'll put in all their shipping, billing and card information directly within Instagram. They'll even be able to track and receive notifications about shipments and deliveries. According to the press release from Instagram, all the shopper’s information is saved securely, so they don't have to re-enter anything in the future.  

This is an example of what the new feature looks like step by step:


    There is about  twenty brands so far participating in this feature. They are

    As the feature develops I am sure more brands will tag along on this new online shopping revolution.