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Interesting Compliments I or My Friends Have Received

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I’ll admit it, I’m not in a relationship at the moment. But, in the past, I have received some very *adorable* compliments that I remember to this day. Some of them are even ones that my friends have received. Here are those adorable compliments.

  1. You’re radiant.

10/10. The perfect way to capture your partner’s beauty and to make their day.

  1. You look like an angel.

Another 10/10. Especially if they show a picture for comparison. Unless they’re talking about biblically accurate angels… then it’s a 3/10 (for creativity).

  1. You could pull off anything.

9/10. If you’re anxious about fashion, like me, then this is a really nice compliment.

You’re my exact type.

  1. You’re my exact type.

6/10. I think this is a compliment. It’s a little quirky, but maybes they were just nervous.

  1. If we were beauty and the beast, I’d always let you be the beauty.

4/10. They shouldn’t let you be the beauty, but at least they’re calling you beautiful.

Actually, I take that back, they should always be calling you beautiful: 3/10.

  1. I love your shoulder blades.

5/10. Okay, it’s better than the beauty and the beast one, but it’s definitely *interesting*. It’s better than them “letting” you be the beauty.

  1. You’re the kind of girl who reads in the library, aren’t you?

6/10. This is not really a compliment… but it’s very accurate. So, at least they paid attention…?

  1. I love smelling your hair.

2/10. This one weirded me out, immensely. Unless you’re very close with an individual, do not say this to them.

  1. You have nice feet.

0/10. Unless you are recruiting for foot models, or you are a foot model, just don’t say this. Okay? My best friend was told this— This made me laugh because she hates feet.

  1. Please step on me.

10/10. Okay, the reason I give this a 10/10 is that my friend said it to me. It was a very funny moment and honestly flattered me. However, maybe don’t say it to someone wearing heels; that would hurt immensely.

Jade Durkee

Lasell '25

Hi! I'm Jade Durkee, I'm a junior Psychology major at Lasell University. I'm from Hopatcong, New Jersey. I love reading, video games, crocheting, and playing piano.