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In Defense of Skinny Jeans

Generation Z has recently led the charge against millennials on Tik Tok. They often attack millennials’ “cheugy” nature, side-parts, and skinny jeans. While I must detest side parts, many millennials defend the use of skinny jeans. I have to agree with them. As a member of Generation Z, I am here to defend the millennials’ skinny jeans in this generational war. 

I love mom, wide-legged, and relaxed jeans. I can think of so many outfits I pair with my looser jeans. Wearing a tight crop top is perfect for my blue mom jeans. My sweater vest needs to be paired with my boot-cut jeans. Skinny jeans should be held to an equal standard to the rest of these jeans. For example, skinny jeans pair perfectly with a comfortable sweatshirt. A loose sweater plus skinny jeans equal amazing. An oversized tee-shirt, open flannel, the options go on and on what can be paired with a classic pair of skinny jeans. I can agree they are not the most comfortable pant option, but they appear super flattering. Additionally, unlike other pant options, they often stay by your ankle and do not accidentally rise when sitting or moving around. I consider myself a tall girl and struggle with pants staying at my ankle. Skinny jeans ensure that my lower leg is covered. 

The next time you are picking out an outfit, try skinny jeans. Although they are not always a flattering or comfortable option, they can look gorgeous with so many of your tops and sweaters if you give them a chance. 

Isabelle is a freshman Elementary Education major at Lasell! Her hobbies include yoga, reading, and drinking iced mochas with oat milk!
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