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I’m Stressed for Post-Grad and It’s Okay if You are Too

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

As the semester ends, I quickly realize that I am only months away from being a senior in college! Time has flown much faster than I expected it would. Life is getting more real every day as I think about what my last year at Lasell will look like. With many of my friends already graduated and some graduating this May, I am seeing all of the crazy life changes that are being made. I know I am getting ahead of myself because I still have a year before I graduate, but I am preparing myself to think about these next steps in the near future.

Where do I want to end up? That is one of the biggest questions running through my mind. I sometimes am still unsure if I want to stay around Boston or move closer to home in New York City after graduation. Even though I worry about this, I have to remind myself that wherever I start doesn’t have to be where I stay forever. I can very well stay in Boston after graduation, but then after a couple of years decide I want to try living and working in NYC. My first job may not be my dream job, but it is what helps me get started and plant my feet in my industry. 

It seems like everyday I change my mind on what I want to be doing in my career. When looking for my second internship this summer I wanted to give myself the chance to try out something different to see what I like and what I don’t like. Do I want to work for a small business, or do I see myself working for a bigger corporation? While I may not know right now, I do know that whatever is meant for me will happen. I am sure that by the time I graduate I will end up with a full time job whether I have it locked down in February or I don’t get one until July. From seeing many friends currently go through the job search, it can be very easy to compare yourself and get down if you don’t find a job as quick or easy as someone else does. Ultimately, I know that everything will work out, and it is totally normal to be stressed. I just need to take things one step at a time and remind myself that everyone goes through this weird transition stage in life. There are so many support systems especially in college to learn on to help myself and others through this journey.

Julia McNicol is a junior at Lasell University studying Fashion Media and Marketing with a minor in Journalism. She loves exploring the city, shopping, and watching a good rom-com! Her Instagram can be found at @juliamcnicol as well as @juliashannonxoxo for fashion-specific content.