I Do...Agree to All These Terms And Conditions: Untold Facts about TLC’s Show, ' Four Weddings'

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen the show, Four Weddings. You know, the show where brides go over the top to have crazy lavish weddings to impress three other brides they don’t even know so they can win a free honeymoon. I’m pretty sure I’ve had my wedding planned out since fourth grade because of this show. The drama between brides over who had the prettiest dress or best food was always hilarious and I remember my friends and I always getting mad when our favorite bride didn’t win.

The show now has ten seasons, all ten seasons can be found on Hulu. My friend and I were watching the show the other day, and realized it is very different from the first season. First of all, all of the brides are friends! I think this is a poor decision on TLC’s part because it seemed like they were not as competitive, because they were friends. The brides also had weird connections, some of the girl’s were “friends” because they partied together in college, but this is not the weirdest change in the show.

The limo is easily the most nerve-wracking part of the show. Waiting to see who’s husband is in the limo drives everyone crazy, because we all want to know if our predictions are correct. My friend and I were appalled the other day when we learned that in the newer seasons of the show, all of the husbands are in the limo! The way that they show who won is by having that husband walk out of the limo first. As exciting as the event still may be, having all of the husbands there diminishes the shock factor and makes it not as exciting.

While I was doing some research on the show, I learned some interesting facts about how behind the scenes, Four Weddings, is not all we thought it was.

1. The Honeymoon

The couples do not get to go on their honeymoon until after the show aired. Some couples said they waited about a year until they could go!

2. Taxes

The couples were given $5,000 to pay for airfare and taxes on their trip, but sometimes, that only covered taxes, and the couple was left to pay for airfare out of their own pocket.

3. What they show

The producers edited out parts of weddings that can explain why brides gave them a low score, making it seem like the brides were just rude, when in fact, many things that they were not a fan of actually happened, making the scores completely accurate.

Even with all of these changes and new facts, I believe Four Weddings is still very entertaining and fun to watch.