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How The First Job in Event Management Helped Me Make the Decision to Change My Major

When I entered college, I was an Advertising major with an Event Management minor. I was so excited about what I was going to learn from this major and truly thought this was the right path for me. 

Flash forward to my Freshman year, I enjoyed my classes but felt that I did not have the spark that I needed to be fully satisfied with this choice. I had not started my classes for my minor yet, but hearing my friends that chose Event Management as their major talking about their classes made me wish I had chosen that from the beginning. 

After going back and forth over whether to change my major or not, I sat down with my parents, as I knew they would give me good advice. We made a deal; that summer I would get a job in Event Management, and if I truly enjoyed it and felt that it was the best option for me, I could go ahead and change my major. 

So, the application process began. I applied to many different jobs, and was so happy to accept a position as an Event Manager at the International Tennis Hall of Fame, in Newport, Rhode Island. In this role, I was the day-of venue manager and oversaw the event and a training of staff to ensure that the event was completed successfully.

My first day on the job, I was nervous but also very excited. I met my new manager at the entrance and was immediately thrown into the process. I was given a folder with all of the information I needed to know, met the rest of the team, and started setting up tables and chairs in preparation for the event. Throughout the day and through the event, I enjoyed the position more and more. I distinctly remember texting my parents and saying, “I am for sure changing my major.” The decision, although seeming rash, was something I was certain of from the very first day on that job. 

Through the summer, I was able to gain an immense amount of knowledge that truly allowed me to be prepared for my first day of event classes. From this job, I was able to expand my reach and have held multiple jobs in the field, such as interning with wedding planners, working in a bridal shop, and even coming back to the ITHOF this past summer working as an Event Coordinator in the office. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had that summer, and will never forget it.

Anna Wall

Lasell '22

Lasell University Event Management Student, Class of 2022. She loves llamas, event planning, and country music :)
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