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How to Stay Organized and Motivated This Semester

Spring semester is on the horizon, and many people are dreading going back to loaded schedules and cluttered Canvas dashboards. It is imperative that you set yourself up for success as you plug through this semester.

Keep yourself organized AND motivated through your coursework this spring by keeping the following habits. 


  1. Keep an agenda planner! Find a cute one that you like and make sure to keep it updated with your homework and commitments. 

  2. Use highlighters, neat handwriting, and comprehensive lists in your planner. There is just something about making it look pretty that makes you WANT to use it. 

  3. Manage your time effectively. Time management is easier said than done, but it is strongly encouraged that you make a comprehensive schedule for when you are going to work on certain assignments. 

  4. Do not wait until the last minute to start an assignment. Even just looking at an assignment or doing some of it can make it less overwhelming. The best strategy is to work on it in small pieces in days/weeks leading up to the due date.

  5. Take breaks when you need them. It is much more productive and effective to give yourself a brain break on an as-needed basis rather than sitting there staring at your computer screen or book. By giving in to short breaks, you will stay energized and motivated to do assignments. 

  6. Keep your eye on the prize! In other words, remember why you are in college and why you chose your major (if you have already declared). If you have specific career goals, research them when you are feeling unmotivated. You can normally find articles or Youtube videos about a typical day in life. It will motivate (and even excite) you to plug through that essay or project.

  7. Make a vision board. This suggestion ties into the last one. Your vision board will encompass everything you see in your future and can motivate you to get work done.


These simple habits will transform your motivation and work ethic. Good luck this semester!

Emelia Mulligan is a freshman at Lasell University studying Criminal Justice and playing field hockey. When she's not studying or practicing, she is either online shopping, watching reality tv, or listening to r&b. She has a passion for mental health awareness and is pursuing addiction recovery for a future career. Find her on social media linked below.
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