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I’ve always been the person who looks forward to their birthday, not for the cake, not for the attention, but because it is a time when everyone is together and more often than not in a decent mood. Being my second year in college, and my birthday being on a Friday I wanted to make the most out of it. 

My birthday was on Friday, but I had plans with my family for the day so my friends and I decided to have a little get-together on Thursday. On Thursday, I spent my morning in class so it was definitely a challenge to get in the celebratory mood early. Yet, being able to relax and watch movies for a few hours made it a lot easier. My friends and I got dressed up and spent hours hanging out, laughing, and making some key memories. They bought me a cake and we spent some time taking photos so I could make my post on Instagram with my girls. I believe it was finally 2 a.m. when I made it back to my dorm and was able to lay down.

Friday was easily one of the best days. I had to wake up early to go home and after having a long night, it was rough. However, I was able to go home, see my family, and get ready for a wonderful evening. As my gift, I was given tickets to see Carly Pearce at the House of Blues Boston, and it is an understatement to say that I was excited. My mom, stepdad, little sister, and I were heading to Boston to watch one of my favorite artists. Once again I was dressed up and ready for the night. The concert was amazing, and it was full of emotions, but I was able to sing my heart out and celebrate my birthday in a way that I couldn’t be more grateful for. Carly Pearce was only my second concert ever, and the fact that it was my birthday made it so much better.

I got to spend my birthday in my favorite way possible and it made turning 20 a thing I was happy about. I had my favorite dinner, two birthday cakes, a trip to Boston, a concert, and my friends and family who made so many memories with me!

Carley Ellis

Lasell '26

Carley is a member and events director of HerCampus, she is a forensic science major in her sophomore year at Lasell University. She is also a member of other clubs on campus such as the Forensic Science Association. In her spare time she likes to read, play video games, and pick up new hobbies such as doing her own nails.