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A History of Colton Haynes’ Crazy Halloween Costumes

Let’s face it, Colton Haynes is the king of weird Halloween costumes. Through the years, we’ve seen a number of mind-blowing costumes from the Teen Wolf/AHS actor. Each costume is mirrored so accurately to the character that it’s unreal. Here’s a look at Colton Haynes’ craziest costumes through the years.



Jeremy “Powder” Reed from Powder.



I don’t even know what to call this costume. An old lady? A creepy old lady?



“I want what any princess wants, to live happily ever after with the ogre I married.”- Fiona, Shrek



“Soon I’ll have the little mermaid. And the ocean will be mine!”- Ursula, The Little Mermaid



“I hate how chocolate immediately melts on my fingers! Am I that hot?” – Miss Piggy



“Someone somewhere says I’m better than someone else!” – Marge Simpson, The Simpsons

Bonus:  Colton Haynes twerking in the pool after the Marge Simpson costume. 


Haynes definitely brings his A-Game for Halloween. These costumes, of course, are the ones we’ll never forget. We can’t wait to see who he’ll dress up as next year!


Gabriela Giubilo is a senior at Lasell College. She is majoring in Event Management with a minor in Psychology. She loves to read, watch tv, spend lots of time on Tumblr, and hang out with friends in family. She just completed a semester abroad in Queensland, Australia. Her goal is to work as an event designer and move to LA.
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