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Hispanic Heritage Month: Why Jocelyn Garcia is Built Like No other

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As we are halfway into Hispanic Heritage Month, I would love to talk about one of my closest friends. One of the best things about living with your best friend is seeing their character in different situations and getting to know each other on a deeper level. Lasell Alum Jocelyn Garcia is a 1st gen graduate who works in the accounting field. If that doesn’t scream baddie already, I don’t know what to tell you. 

Her Character & Warmth

If you don’t know already, the meaning of Jocelyn is happiness, which is exactly how I see her in all major stages in life. From the really hard days to the best of news, Jocelyn has made the best of every event in her life. You can feel the joy by listening to her laugh, eating her cuisine, hearing her stories, or when you see her heartwarming smile. 

Her Free Spirit 

From Rauw Alejandro to Luis Miguel to Russ, she can and will party to anything. From indie music to techno to bachata, she will bounce through genres like a soccer ball. With her hard work ethic, she also knows how to have a good time. She is the definition of being the life of the party. Whether it’s her singing in her karaoke machine during our homework time, having fun at our own parties, or dancing in Target, she knows how to appreciate the good times. She is also a great dancer! The girl literally choreographed a sweet sixteen party! There is nothing she can’t do!

Her Devotion to her Goals

From our early freshman dorming days, it was quick to see that she does not play games when it comes to her work ethic in her career and academics. Did I mention she was an accounting major? When she wants something, she’s going to get it. From rebuilding her style to gaining the corporate baddie level, she accomplishes it all. Most people can talk about their goals, but have usually settled for a few of them. Jocelyn is the definition of manifestation magic. She wants an internship in the accounting field. BOOM, she got it. She wants a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. BAM! She got it again. She wants to see her boyfriend, Peso Pluma. WHAM! She gets to vibe and look cute at his concert in the city. 

Since the day we were put as roommates during orientation weekend, I have been forever grateful to have met Jocelyn. When I was worried about missing home during freshman year, I’m happy to say I found another home within her. I am excited to see her future accomplishments, milestones, and how she grows as a person. She deserves endless flowers just for existing!

Jade Diaz

Lasell '23

Jade is a Senior at Lasell, majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management. She adores figurative art, and enjoys being creative in any way possible. She is sneaker- obsessed and loves the world of fashion. One fun fact is that her dog Finn, is named after a Star Wars character named FN-2187.