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A Healthy and Mindful Morning Routine to Start Your 2021 Off Right

The end of a pretty hectic and stressful year calls for some detox and relaxation in order to ready us for the year to come. Starting your morning off right sets up the mood for the rest of your day. Implementing some healthy and mindful practices is the perfect way to start the new year, so keep reading for some ways you can get a jumpstart on a better year!


1. Prepare for your morning the night before 

Taking care of some small things like picking out your outfits, packing your bag for the day, and overall getting things in order is a great way to ensure you are good-to-go when the morning comes.


2. Get up an hour earlier 

Now, I am aware that this is not an easy task, but getting an earlier start to the morning can greatly help if you often find yourself wanting to stay in bed until the very last second and then frantically running out the door just in time so you aren’t late for class. This happens to the best of us, so you might as well try setting the alarm a little earlier.


3. Drink a glass of water 

Usually, I try to drink as much water as I possibly can throughout the day because I have seen the positive effects it has had on my mind and body. A glass of water can help the body to wake up and starts the morning off feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.


4. Write down 3 things you are grateful for or journal

Beginning my morning by journaling has personally helped me to have a more positive outlook on the day ahead. Taking a moment to focus on gratitude has been very beneficial for my mental health. Whether it’s in a physical journal or the notes app on your phone, journaling and gratitude journaling is a great addition to a mindful morning routine.


5. Meditate 

I wrote an article on meditation titled, “Why You Should Incorporate Meditation Into Your Daily Routine” because I am genuinely passionate about meditation and the positive effect it has had in my life. I would recommend everyone to read that article and give it a try if you don’t meditate already. 


6. Eat a nutritious breakfast 

I guarantee that you all have a few minutes to spare in your morning to take the time to eat breakfast. I’m not saying that you have to make a full breakfast buffet, but fixing together some cereal, oatmeal, or fruit will do the trick. Skipping this important meal can throw off your body later in the day. Plus, breakfast gets your metabolism running and gives you the energy you will need throughout the day.


7. Tidy up your space 

Start by setting a timer for just five minutes and allowing yourself that time to clean up some little things that are out of place. Clutter and mess can get overwhelming to tackle all at once, so taking a little time each morning to clean your space can not only declutter your life but declutter your mind.

Julia McNicol is a sophomore at Lasell University studying Fashion Media and Marketing with a minor in Journalism. She can most likely be found shopping, dancing, or watching romantic comedies. Her instagram can be found at @juliamcnicol as well as @juliashannonxoxo for fashion specific content.
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