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HC Lasell’s Guide to a Long Distance Valentine Day

Valentine’s day can be filled with so many different emotions. And if your significant other is far away, it can be extra challenging. Add in a pandemic, and most people are feeling a little bit isolated.  However, just because of distance, does not mean that the day still cant be special. Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s day long-distance style.


1. Create a care package

Who doesn’t love getting a package alert after all? Making a care package is fun for both, the giver and receiver. Add in some of their favorite snacks, a winter essential, even a small gift card to one of their favorite shops. Pictures are always a go-to as well, and even add in a cute frame to bulk it up! Make it personal! I always like to add in something homemade, to the best of my ability. This could be as simple as homemade cookies, even from a box. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Finally, for something sentimental you could add in some partner appreciation notes. 


2. Create a playlist for them of songs you think they would like 

Music is always an awesome way to bond and connect with each other. And honestly, creating the perfect playlist can be a lot of work. This makes the process so rewarding though when they are able to see all the effort and thought that went into the playlist. 


3. Postmates them a favorite meal

One of my go tos is insomnia cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies, and you can honestly send them at any hour. This is an awesome way to cheer someone up.


4. Do something together virtually

Depending on how competitive yall are, you could even play a card game virtually. One of my go-to games is trivia. Apps like trivia crack and quiz up are always fun throwbacks and nice to add in a little friendly competition. Airbnb experiences also have really diverse and interesting virtual classes! This allows you to still have quality time together, and create new memories, even virtually.


5. Plan something to look forward to

Honestly, I think this is essential while doing long distance. It’s a good idea to make plans for the future so you can look forward to being with them. Add in countdown apps! Just wait until you finally are able to do the plans.

Rose Keane

Lasell '23

Rose is a sophomore psychology student at Lasell University. Outside from school, she can be found at the mall shopping, hiking, working, or spending time with her animals.
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