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HC Lasell Member Caitlin’s Ranking of Her Top Five Favorite Piercings

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Have you ever thought about paying somebody to poke a needle through your body? Sounds like a crazy question, but I’ve let a man put a needle through my body 16 times, and I’m here to tell you that it’s one of the best, most intense things that I have ever done. Not only do I express my individuality through these piercings, but I also get to accessorize the shit out of my looks in ways that other people do not. Now I’m going to tell you something that you did not ask for… keep reading to find out my top five favorite piercings

  1. Lobe

Although this is seemingly the most basic piercing, it’s my favorite for everybody because it’s basic. Painless and quick, a simple lobe piercing allows for men and women to utilize earrings, express themselves, and enhance their looks. 

  1. Nose

Don’t be fooled, we weren’t just talking about ear piercings…This list also includes body piercings. I have had my nose pierced since 2016 and you won’t catch me walking around without it. This piercing is minimally painful. Due to the anatomy of the face, and because the puncture is so close to the tear duct, whatever nostril you get pierced, the eye on the same side will shed a tear. Don’t worry, you’re still a queen who can handle pain. 

  1. Conch

Unless you are a big fan of body piercings, the term “conch” may not register with you. If you look at this figure, you’ll see that the conch is located in the inner ear. The pain is very similar to that of a helix piercing, but I always get compliments on this one!

  1. Forward Helix

If you want a unique piercing, this one’s for you. As shown on this diagram, the forward helix is located at the topmost part of your ear that is folded forward. I have three forward helix piercings, and these are my absolute favorite ear piercings that I have! The closer to where your ear connects to your head,  the more painful the piercing. If you want more than one, I would recommend getting them all at once, because a lot of pain all at once versus a bit of pain spread out over a few months is definitely worth it. 

  1. Nipple

For all my spicy gals out there, this one’s for you! Don’t be fooled, these aren’t for the faint of heart. I don’t think I would consider any of my other piercings “painful”, but this shit hurt! Does it make me feel like a badass bitch to have metal through your nips? Yes, yes it does, and I would love for everybody to have that feeling. Think hard and do your research though before you decide to get this piercing, as it is difficult to take care of and the healing process is lengthy.

So take care beauties, and remember to do your research before you go get a piercing. Make sure the establishment is legitimate, clean, and follows proper health and safety measures. Also, if you aren’t sure about wanting a piercing forever, don’t be too worried! You can always take your jewelry out, just like you can always change your jewelry and your look as you please.

Hi! Im a junior at Lasell University majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in education curriculum and a minor in fashion design. Im interested in books, drawing, language, and Im very excited for people to read and hopefully enjoy my work!