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HC Lasell Editor Hannah’s Show Review: Ink Master

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Ink Master is, simply put, one of the most excellent shows of all time. I’ve recently been spending what is (probably) too much time binge watching it with my roommate, and it’s just so addictive. If you haven’t heard of this show, then seriously, what have you been doing? But, in case you haven’t, Ink Master is a show that you can currently watch seasons three and four of on Netflix, or all seasons (one through fourteen) on Paramount +. It follows a group of eighteen tattoo artists each season as they traverse different challenges while tattooing their clients. Each week, one of the artists is eliminated based on the tattoo they put out. If you’re anything like me and just itching to get another tattoo, use caution when starting this show, as you’ll immediately want to go out and get tatted.


The eighteen different artists are all super talented, but the insane challenges put out by the three judges (Oliver Peck, Dave Navarro, and Chris Nunez) push them to the limits of their artistry, stamina, and ability. Challenges vary week-to-week, but season-to-season there are always the same, super intimidating challenges (like traditional Japanese tattoo day or portrait day). Some of my favorite artists that have appeared on the show include Cleen Rock One, Ryan Ashley, and Christian.


So, what exactly are some of these challenges that the artists have to conquer in order to claim their title as Ink Master? Well, like I mentioned, they vary somewhat. But, they include everything from painful, difficult body parts to tattoo (the ribs and buttcheeks are always rough ones) to artistic challenges like clean American traditional tattoos or photorealistic tattoos. One of the judges, Chris Nunez, specializes in Japanese-style tattoos, so his feedback on the Japanese-style theme days is always super harsh but fun to watch. The final challenge for the finale episode of three tattoo artists is typically a 35-hour back or chest piece, and this is the kind of artistry I would kill to have on my own body.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new, super-addictive show to binge that showcases big personalities and amazing artistry, then I highly suggest you give Ink Master a try. The episodes are only 45-minutes long, and honestly, they make for great background noise as you get stuff done (of course, I always pause what I’m doing and watch the tattoo critiques – I’m there for the art after all!).

Attends Lasell University and is currently a senior (class of 2023). An elementary education major with a minor in child and adolescent studies. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I love the color yellow, crocs, and all kinds of tea!