Gregory Camillone: A New Entrepreneur

Gregory Camillone is a sophomore Communications Major with a double concentration of Sports Communications and Radio and Video Production. On campus, he works as a tutor with the CCBL at St. Patrick’s school, and has his own radio show two days a week with Lasell College Radio. But most recently, he started creating his own line of graphic t-shirts. Along with having an internship and side job over the summer, Camillone looked to spend his free time doing something rewarding. He decided to start playing around with designs on his computer and eventually created his own business, GIMAGE. While it started as something to occupy him during free time, it has turned into so much more.

Camillone is from the Hudson Valley region of New York, which has become his influence when designing his products. He has always had a love for both photography and style, and by combining the two he created his unique brand. He says, “I’m more interested in urban fashion, so I decided to combine the beauty of the Hudson Valley with a New York City-like taste." His designs stem from his own photography and edits based on his taste and lifestyle, and that in itself makes it all the more appealing.

Because of the positive feedback he has gotten, Camillone is excited to move forward with the business and has high hopes for the future of GIMAGE. His next step in the process of bringing this to life, is finding a Direct to Garment printer to produce high quality shirts. If it continues to succeed, he plans on adding more to his list of products.

Camillone is excited to move forward and watch his business expand. “It’s a project I’m really excited about and I’m looking forward to all the new skills and knowledge I’ll learn along the way. I love what I’ve done with it so far.”

You can check out all of his designs on his website

Photos provided by Celebrity