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Great Sexpectations: How to Save Your Heart From a One Night Stand

If you’re in college, you know, sex and relationships can get messy real quick.  Sure, calling your mom and eating ice cream could help, but when you turn to the Internet for advice, we got your back.

Introducing Great Sexpectations, your go- to source for quick tips and tricks on loving yourself, your partner, handling one night stands, feelings and so much more! 

Sometimes, in a college girl’s life, you have a moment of weakness where your casual one night stand makes you feel something unexpected. However, you’ve both made it very clear that this is a one night thing. You may start to feel an ache in your heart as you change back into your outfit from the night before, as your Uber pulls up. The loneliness may start to set in, so here are some tips to save yourself from this feeling.

1. Take a really really long shower

This is great self care after a one night stand, give yourself the opportunity to just be alone with your body.

2. Call your mom

While you don’t have to tell her all the details, she can listen and she has definitely been in this situation before.

3. Watch a TV show

There are millions of shows out there that talk about this feeling that can bring you a lot of support. Some great ones are Sex and the City, Grown-ish, and The Bold Type.

4. Troll Tinder

Limit yourself to about 15 minutes, but use it to remind yourself there are other men out there and that you can have a future in love.

5. Masturbate

Well this tip may not be for everyone, it helps you feel the touch of someone else down there. Someone who will never, ever leave.

6. Go out again

If you feel ready there is nothing better for your heart then a night out drinking and dancing with your girls and maybe even kissing someone new. ;)

Elizabeth is a Senior at Lasell College, she is a writer and President for the Lasell Her Campus chapter.
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