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Girl Math is my favorite current trend on TikTok. I pretty much agree with all of the examples that I see, whether or not they make sense to anyone else. Girl Math is a way that girls and women justify decisions they make…but in ways that usually only make sense to them. Now, I’m going to list my favorite examples of Girl Math. 

Cash is Not Real Money

I absolutely use this mentality way too much. Anytime I’ve ever received cash as a present or from a job, I treat it as if it’s not real money. Especially, since I got my first debit and credit card. If I don’t see the numbers going down in my bank account, then spending money never *actually* happens. Girl Math. 

Wearing Your Favorite Outfit Less than Your Least Favorite

During the week, I usually save my favorite outfit for a specific day. Then, once I wear it, I don’t wear it again. Instead, I cycle through all of my other clothes, so that I don’t wear my favorite outfit multiple times. The more I wear it, the more I’ll have to wash it, which means overall the less I’ll be able to wear it. Girl Math. 

Eating A Salad Means You Can Eat Whatever You Want Later

If I eat a salad for lunch or dinner, that means I’m eating healthy. If I’m eating healthy, then of course I deserve a reward. Whether it’s a little treat or a full junk-food meal, I ate a salad, so I deserve it. Boom. Girl Math. 

Buying Multiple Things On Sale Rather than One Item Full Price Means You’re Saving Money

If I already know I’m going to buy these items later in life, then I might as well buy them all now while they’re on sale, rather than wait and buy them one at a time over an extended period. I’m simply saving money now, that I can spend later. Girl Math.

Jade Durkee

Lasell '25

Hi! I'm Jade Durkee, I'm a junior Psychology major at Lasell University. I'm from Hopatcong, New Jersey. I love reading, video games, crocheting, and playing piano.