Get Ready to Make Your Dorm Room Home with These Dorm Decor Ideas

In honor of getting back into the swing of things, Her Campus Lasell is heading back to school in style.  We’ve got the tips and insights to get you through, whether you’re a freshman or a senior.

Back to school is upon us once again. Decorating your dorm is one of the fun parts of college. This is the perfect time to come up with an aesthetic that represents you and shows who you are to anyone who visits. Do you want to hang pictures? Do you want to get a rug? Are you getting throw pillows? How are you going to decorate your desk? What should you get for storage? Lucky for you, that’s what I’m here for! I’ll be giving you some ideas on how to make your dorm less like a dorm and more like home.

1. Hanging decor on your wall is a great way to show who you are! There are many different ways to cover that bland wall behind your bed. Hang pictures, a tapestry, fairy lights, a corkboard or letterboard. The possibilities are endless! 


2. Want more desk room? Get a shelf like this one! Not only does it give you more space, but they’re super cute! You can find them on Amazon for cheap. 

3. This picture wall is super cute! You can use pictures you’ve already taken or use a polaroid camera and grow your wall as the semester goes on. 


4. Storage is a must at school. Having a shelf with bins is great for storing anything. Need to store leggings, workout clothes, or snacks? These shelves are a great idea! Not a fan of these shelves? You can use plastic drawers from Target or Walmart. They work just as well! 


5. These throw pillows are super cute! Not only do they look comfy, but they make your bed look cute. 


These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless! Keep in mind that your dorm is your space. Make it your own and show off who you are!