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On October 5th, the fashion brand Garage launched its new unisex collection. The collection is filled with everyday basics, focusing on earth tones and fleece, perfect for a functional and comfortable look this season! The campaign is officially titled “GARAGE FOR ALL,” and was directed by Mikey Alfred, known for his directing work in North Hollywood, where female and male actors were showcased in a variety of interchangeable looks. 

Some of the items included in the collection are t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, button-ups, and joggers. The colors are all neutral and earthy, including ginger, walnut, amber, gray, and black. The brand made sure these styles could stay versatile through all seasons while remaining truly unisex.

Garage states that its new “GARAGE FOR ALL” collection was “Designed in Montréal with a vision of a more inclusive future, where we choose what to wear not by instruction but by instinct.” This shows how the brand is stepping away from stereotypes, setting an example for other brands looking to transform the industry in this forward-thinking, gender-neutral way. 

This campaign is huge for the fashion industry, as this is a small way to start the conversation about equality and breaking the barriers as we know them today. It’s a progression towards a world where gender fluidity is welcome for those who want it. A world where clothes don’t define who we are, just adds to our personality as we see fit. 

For more information and to check out Garage’s Unisex Collection, check out “GARAGE FOR ALL” online today.

Alexis Grant

Lasell '24

A Junior at Lasell University, Alexis majors in Journalism and Media Writing with a minor in Fashion Media and Marketing. Alexis is interested in dance, photography, social media, travel, and music. In her free time, she enjoys binge-watching her favorite tv shows on Netflix and spending time with her friends and family!
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