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Five Fashion Influencers You Need to Check Out on TikTok

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

With TikTok taking over the world by storm, I constantly find myself scrolling through the app daily. I have found that TikTok has become a great space to share and discover new and exciting fashion inspiration. Below are some of the best fashion influencers I’ve found on the app that you need to check out!


1. @the.navarose

Nava has risen to popularity on the app now holding a TikTok following of 5 million people. Based in Los Angeles, California, her page consists of many streetwear style videos, DIY content, and overall great style tips based on a variety of different interests. 


2. @halleykate

Halley is, in my personal opinion, the thrifting queen. She shares all things thrift… thrifting hauls, “Come Shop with Me” videos, how-tos for styling thrifted items, and more. While sharing with her followers’ tips on how to thrift and find great pieces at great prices, she also preaches the importance of sustainability and why she often chooses to shop second hand. 


3. @wisdm8

Vogue has titled Wisdom Kaye the “best-dressed guy on TikTok” and there is a good reason for that. With 5.2 million followers on the app, Wisdom has now been highly recognized throughout the fashion community. His style is truly impeccable! He creates unique content like “Making an Outfit in 30 Seconds” videos and “Picking Out an Outfit Blindfolded” videos that keep viewers intrigued.


4. @brittany.xavier

Brittany, like the other creators, has a great sense of fashion that she shares in all of her videos. Something that makes her unique from other creators on the app is that she shares mother and daughter looks that appeal to a wider audience range. Her husband has also been included in many of her styling videos so her viewers get to see a bit of everything! She’s always up to date on current trends and loves to create excitement around fashion… it’s what she’s known for in the community!


5. @see.en.uh

At just 20 years old, Siena shares her love for clothes and fashion as well as her love for One Direction and Harry Styles… both of which have influenced her sense of fashion for the better. She is a big advocate for the belief that clothing has no gender. Her account is not only great to follow for the fashion inspiration, but for her ability to share unique outfits and spread the idea that we can wear what we want and feel best in no matter the gender stereotypes fashion of the past has created.

Julia McNicol is a junior at Lasell University studying Fashion Media and Marketing with a minor in Journalism. She loves exploring the city, shopping, and watching a good rom-com! Her Instagram can be found at @juliamcnicol as well as @juliashannonxoxo for fashion-specific content.