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First Look at Beauty and the Beast Trailer

In months of great anticipation, fans of Beauty and Beast can finally take a first-hand look at the live-action trailer presenting 2017’s adaptation of the classic Disney movie.

Emma Watson, playing the role of Belle, and Dan Stevens, playing the role of the Beast, both look phenomenal in their extravagant costumes and makeup. Bringing the “tale as old as time” to life with graphics and CGI, brace yourself for a magical ride of nostalgia and emotions.

The story has hardly changed at all, with Belle’s father being captured by the Beast while trespassing on his land to Belle taking her father’s place in captivity.

However, nothing is as it first seems once Belle enters the castle, although possibly Belle may learn a greater lesson and value by the end of the film. Beauty and the Beast will be released on March 17, 2017 in theaters everywhere.

Beauty and the Beast Trailer


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