Fall Date Ideas

Here are some relatively inexpensive fall date ideas for college couples, or you can do them with your friends! If you have run out of your own date ideas, or you want to drop the hint to your crush, and send them this article, here are ten date ideas for this fall!


1. Go apple picking

This can be really fun because apple orchards usually have other activities to do as well, that I will mention later on, and you can buy apple cider donuts or hot apple cider at the orchard. You can also bake something together with the apples you pick, such as an apple pie or apple crisp and it makes for cute pictures on the gram!


2. Go to a pumpkin patch

Bring the pumpkins home and carve or paint the pumpkins together! This as well makes for a cute insta post!


3. Go to your school’s sporting event

It doesn’t have to be a football game, it can be soccer or any other sport! It is great to get involved in your school and have school spirit! You and your significant other can do this alone, or it could be a fun group date!


4. Go to a fair

A fair is a fun date that could last all day and there are a ton throughout the fall, not just the summer time! Look up local fall festivals in your area.


5. Take a hike to enjoy the foliage

Going on a hike or taking a trip to a park is a great way to enjoy New England’s great foliage! If you are in the Boston area, this is a great time to go to Boston Common or Boston Public Garden. You can bring a picnic or have a mini photoshoot!


6. Make hot chocolate and watch a scary movie

This is a great time to show each other your favorite scary movie or Halloween movie. Get some of your favorite popcorn, candy, and hot chocolate and stay in for a movie night!


7. Study date at your favorite coffee shop

Fall is a great time to try seasonal flavors at coffee shops and they can be great places to get work done!


8. Haunted house or hayride

This can also be a fun group date or just a thing you two do. You might be able to find these at a fair or an amusement park.


9. Go to a corn maze

Sometimes apple orchards and pumpkin patches have corn mazes and this is a great time to test if you two work together well as a team!


10. Game night

Make fall cookies, have a bunch of games and invite your friends over for a fun night of staying in. 


I hope this list inspires you! Share with your friends, significant others, or crushes; hopefully they get the hint! ;)