F-Bombs, Witches, and Memes - The Highlights of This Year's Olympics

For those of you who followed the Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang this year and for those who didn't, here are some of the highlights of team USA and moments too funny not to mention:


Red Gerard, the guy that woke up late, lost his coat, and dropped the F-bomb on live TV, but still won a gold medal


Seriously. This 17-year-old athlete almost missed his event after staying up all night watching Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix, panicked and took his roommates jacket (that was two sizes too big) and then performed a perfect run in snowboard freestyle. Right after winning the gold, he dropped the F-bomb in an interview when he was still in shock.


Maame Biney, the first African American woman to qualify for the US Speed skating team


Born and raised for part of her life in Ghana, Biney, also still in high school (!!), qualified for the U.S. Speed Skating team after being told she was “too fast for figure skating” as a child, and became the first African American woman ever to do so.


The meme of Scott Moir cheering on Canada

Clearly drunk Canadian figure skater Scott Moir became an instant representation of all Canadians during the Olympics when cheering on the Canada Women’s Hockey team against the U.S. (see below).


US Women’s Hockey wins first gold medal in 20 years

In an incredible game against Canada, the U.S. women’s hockey team not only ended Canada’s streak of six gold medals in a row, but “broke the curse” that had been haunting the hockey team after not winning a gold medal since 1998.


Adam Rippon on his age: “I’m like a witch and you can’t kill me”


A fan on Twitter noticed the alarming progression of the U.S. Figure Skater’s personal facts, which has quickly become another internet meme and is even being sold on t-shirts now. This is in addition to the headlines he made at the beginning of the games with Gus Kenworthy, as they were the only two openly gay athletes for team USA.


These and others helped to make this one of the most memorable Olympics to date, and it’s a shame we’ll have to wait another two years for the next ones in the 2020 Summer Olympics.