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Ellen DeGeneres recently announced the launch of her new skincare line, “Kind Science,” which has been in the works for over three years. It is set to launch on October 26th, 2021, with an overall message about how the brand is all about “age positive skincare that works,” as said by Ellen herself. 

The slogan for the brand is “Embrace your age, not your wrinkles! Kind Science is a high-performance, effective skincare that’s made for everybody.” Kind Science also promises to be skin, animal, and eco kind, meaning that packaging will be recyclable, the brand won’t test on animals, and products will be free of dyes, added fragrances, and harsh chemicals. Some of the products shown on the website sneak peek include a neck treatment cream, firming serum, micro exfoliant, gentle cleanser, radiance oil, eye cream, and hydration cream. 

Despite, the whole message of the line being age-positive, but also anti-aging, is a bit contradicting. To quote Ellen from Instagram about her new brand, “Kind Science isn’t about aging, because aging is a good thing… I want to keep laughing, just with fewer laugh lines and wrinkles!” How can the line be positive about aging, but have several products centered around making wrinkles and signs of aging disappear? We’ll see more about the brand and products once it officially launches on October 26th, and then, you’ll have to decide for yourself what you think of “Kind Science!”

Alexis Grant

Lasell '24

A Junior at Lasell University, Alexis majors in Journalism and Media Writing with a minor in Fashion Media and Marketing. Alexis is interested in dance, photography, social media, travel, and music. In her free time, she enjoys binge-watching her favorite tv shows on Netflix and spending time with her friends and family!
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