Easy Last Minute Group Costume Ideas for You and Your Besties this Halloween

Here at Her Campus Lasell, we are committed to spooky content.  Halloween (and Fall in general TBH) is the perfect time for the best movies, costumes, music, books, and more.  This week we’ll be breaking down the ultimate lists to have you celebrating Halloween the right way.

Need some last-minute costume ideas for you and your friends? Going to a party, event, or haunted house with friends? Well here are some easy costume ideas for this Halloween!

1. Crayons

Just wear all one color with a shirt, pants or skirt, accessories, and print the logo on a shirt. You are good to go! 


2. M&Ms

Also, easy to just dress all one color and print the M&M logo on a tee, super cute!

3. Candy

Mix it up a little and dress up as different candies or your favorite candy. 

4. The Ninja Turtles

This you might have to buy a top for, where matching pants or skirts and accessories.

5. Pacman and Ghosts

These would be easy and cute shirts to make for a last-minute party. 

6. Cards

This would be great for a large group or theme party because everyone can be a different card. 

7. Emojis

Also, easy shirts to make that can be cute and fun! 

8. The Office

I mean who does not like The Office…..

9. Social Media

This can also be an idea for a big group. You can just print the logo of an app on a tank or tee and wear bottoms and accessories that match your logo. 

10. Mario & Friends

    The last idea is just to be Mario and any other characters. I.E. Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Luigi, Yoshi, or Toad and Toadette. 

    These ideas can also just be couples costume ideas as well! I hope these ideas help you plan your costumes this year for you and your friends!