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I go to my dining hall two times a day on average. I’m not a big breakfast person and usually I have class during lunch time. When I do make it to breakfast, which is 7:30am -11am, I always head straight to the omelet station. Anyone is able to customize an omelet, then they make it in front of you. I’m a basic girl, so I get an omelet with cheese but they have add-ons available, such as ham, sausage, tomatoes, onions, and more. Another breakfast option that I enjoy is the waffle maker. I will make myself chocolate chip waffles as a second choice if the omelet line is too long.

When I have time, I will eat lunch and do my homework in the dining hall. Lunch is a quiet time, which makes doing homework easy. I always make my way to the pasta bar; usually it being penne, which is my favorite type. Again, I am pretty basic so I don’t eat the sauce they provide. If they don’t have pasta I head over to the grill station to get french fries and a grilled cheese. The grilled cheese is made to order so it’s always fresh and delicious.

I always go to the dining hall for dinner, usually with my two friends Julia and Sydney. I never really know what to expect because it’s always different. I do always get a salad no matter the main meal. I am obsessed with Caesar salad; it’s always a go-to for me. Another basic option is pizza. There are usually 5-6 different kinds of pizza to pick from. My favorite types are cheese and sausage and cheese. Another thing I usually get after dinner is ice cream. I’m not 100% sure where the ice cream comes from but I know it’s local and it’s so good.

Hello! My name is Kayleigh Bollin. I am a study at Lasell University, studying Fashion Media and Marketing. I enjoy fashion, listening to music, dancing, and going out to Boston. I am from Martha's Vineyard, Mass.