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Day In a Life: Working College Student

Welcome to HC Lasell member’s day in our lives! We are all going to be taking readers through what a day in our life looks like as busy college students. Our writer Rose is going to take you through what it is like being a working student.

Here some insight into a day in my life as a working college student! On an average week, I work about five days, and my shifts are typically about five to six hours. At my job, there are lulls, where I am able to complete a little bit of homework, but I don’t rely on that!


Morning: I typically wake up between six and seven. After taking a little time to myself, and of course, having at least one cup of coffee, I will start to get ready. Once I am ready for the day, I will create my daily to-do list and schedule. Creating my to-do list and schedule is key for me to stay on task, especially with my busy schedule. On these lists I’ll put homework that needs to be completed, classes I have that day, work, and other small tasks I might want to put in, like a fifteen-minute break to go for a walk, or make my lunch. I always like to pack my lunch for the day early, so I’m not scrambling at the last minute when I have to run out the door for work. I also like to take the time to pack everything I need for work. This includes chargers, a textbook I might hope to read that day, and anything else I might need. 

Day and Evening: During the day I’m pretty busy with classes and work. I typically get out of work at six during the week. If im not hanging out with a friend after, Ill head home, and work on homework, and have dinner. I personally like to work out at night, so ill typically work out at about 8 pm. I’ll end my night with more homework, catching up with friends, and of course, Netflix!

Rose Keane

Lasell '23

Rose is a sophomore psychology student at Lasell University. Outside from school, she can be found at the mall shopping, hiking, working, or spending time with her animals.
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