Danielle Hogan

           Another fresh face we have for campus cutie this week is Danielle Hogan. As a freshman at Lasell College she definitely has the right attitude for tackling her first year of school away from home. When asked what her personal motto is she replied simply, “go with the flow.” This attests to her very relaxed demeanor and willingness to try new things. Hogan has decided to study Fashion Communications and is currently single.

Hogan originally hails from a place located a few hours south of campus called Allentown, New Jersey.  It is quite the drive from her campus residence, which is in Woodland Hall. Even though her hometown is much more than a stone throw away, she has had no difficulty jumping right into Lasell’s highly involved community and becoming a Laser herself.  Hogan’s impressive list of clubs and programs she is involved in include; Drama Club, Fashion Connection Club, Polished Magazine, National Retail Federation (NRF), and lastly the Honors Program.  She certainly is on the right track to making the most of her time in the next four years here at Lasell.

Her confidence in joining many of the things that Lasell has to offer supports the fact that she loves this school, as many of us Lasers can agree with.  What attracted her to Lasell College in the first place was, “how welcoming everyone is, like all the upperclassmen and all the staff. Just how overall friendly everyone is. It must be so cliche because everyone says that, but it’s true.”  


Now if Hogan has any free time to spare in between classes and other outside commitments she said, “usually I just like to hangout with friends that I’ve made on campus.”  She also mentioned using her spare time very wisely to work on homework, which is an admirable trait to have.  It is obvious that Hogan’s education is important to her due to her status as an honor student and an overall responsible person.  While school work is a priority of hers, don’t miss out on her fun side.

One of Hogan’s top bucket list items is to see a concert by her favorite band - Neon Trees. This energetic band gives a hint to another side of Hogan, which is lively and down to have a good time. Even though her favorite band is Neon Trees that’s not the only interesting fact about her, her middle name also happens to be Shea. If one happens to be a Mets fan a connection can easily be made because Shea does not follow the usual name of a relative or a family friend. Hogan’s middle name comes from the Mets very own baseball stadium called Shea Stadium, and with the help of an extreme Mets fan for a Grandfather, you end up with a granddaughter named Danielle Shea Hogan.

So Lasers, if you ever find yourself in Woodland Hall don’t miss the chance to get to know this week’s Lasell Campus Cutie because you’ll find there's more than meets the eye to Danielle Hogan.


Photo provided by Cutie.