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Covid has made socializing a lot harder these days, and winter can be extra challenging as the cold temperatures make it less enjoyable to be outdoors. Here are three winter activities I have done with friends, that is covid safe with both in-person and virtual options. 


1. Ice Skating

Ice skating is an awesome go-to. Lots of places in the Boston area have the option to do outdoor, as well as indoor rinks. Ice skating is also pretty affordable and is even cheaper if you have your own ice skates, and don’t need to rent. The rinks in the Boston area have been limiting capacity, so I definitely recommend booking in advance if you want to go!


2. Tubing

Tubing is an awesome outdoor activity to do. It also requires very little skill, compared to skiing, so is enjoyable for a wide range of people with different abilities and ages. They also have tubing at night, which can be extra fun.  From my own research, I have found that daytime is cheaper, and so is going on a weekday. Holidays, nights, and weekends tend to have higher price points per ticket. Tubing can be a little steeper than ice skating, and on average is about $30 to $35 per ticket. A lot of the tubing venues also have food supplies which can be a fun way to extend the outing! 


3. Zoom paint night

Having a zoom paint night is an awesome virtual way to connect with friends, which is a little bit different. Some studios have set paint nights which you can sign up with friends, or you could also organize one yourself. This is also an awesome way to embrace your inner creativity. As far as price point, this activity can be comparable to tubing if done through an art studio.

Rose Keane

Lasell '23

Rose is a sophomore psychology student at Lasell University. Outside from school, she can be found at the mall shopping, hiking, working, or spending time with her animals.
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