Conflicted About Staying Remote or Being Online? You're Not Alone

I’m sure a lot of you were bummed to stay home this semester and take online classes if that was your decision. It was definitely me, but I felt online learning was the option that made the most sense with so much unknown right now. However, I've remained determined in wanting to go back to school for the spring semester. Although it doesn’t seem like much has changed and coronavirus is probably and unfortunately going to get worse before it gets better, I still have some desire to return to my school for the next semester. 


Nonetheless, I am still conflicted about what to do for the quickly upcoming spring semester. So, I’ve started to weigh the pros and cons of staying home and being completely remote or going back to campus. By staying home, the cost of school becomes a lot cheaper and a lot of money would be saved. Additionally, I would be able to work more and make more money, especially since I just got a new job that’s better associated with my major. Furthermore, I’ve been taking dance classes at the studio near my home because my college dance team can’t perform or really do anything. However, I do miss my friends, being on campus, and being able to be out of my home state. With that thought, I still don’t want to have to go through getting sent home again or being stuck in a different state, unable to see and visit my family. 


It varies from person to person, but I suggest writing down the pros and cons in a list for each side and then comparing the two options. You could also just talk it out with a parent or other trusted adult to get their opinion or advice on what. would be best for you to do. Just make sure the choice is ultimately yours and eventually, we'll be back on campus getting to experience college in-person once again.