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Commuter 101 Car Essentials: Working College Student

Commuting to college is definitely an option to save some money especially in a pandemic, However, it definitely takes some organization. Here are some essentials that I always have in my car with me. 


1. Extra set of masks

This is key. There’s nothing like feeling less unprepared than not having a mask and having to be somewhere. I always keep a four-pack in my car and keep replenishing if I use one. 

2. Protein bar

Commuting is definitely an on-the-go style. I highly recommend always keeping a protein bar in your glove compartment in case you find yourself in need of a quick healthy snack.

3. Towel

Honestly, something I would never think of like a car essential, but I honestly always recommend having a towel in your car. I initially had one for when id travels with my dog, but it’s also perfect for a place like wet shoes after an unexpected downpour. Or even an event that you thought might have seating options, like a sporting event. It can an easy option for a comfortable sitting spot compared to the ground.

4. First aid kit:

I feel like all cars should have one, but if you don’t, here’s an extra reminder to put one in. As a commuter, I've definitely used mine for unexpected paper cuts, and am always grateful I have one. 

5. Notebook

I always keep an extra notebook in my car, in the event I forget something I need for an in-person class, or want to jot something down quickly from a phone call in my car. Definitely helps me feel more prepared.

6. Cash

I highly recommend keeping a small amount of cash in your car. Nothing crazy, I always have $10 to $20. This money just ensures that if I ever forget my card, ill still be ok and don’t need to freak out. This money also comes in handy if you almost out of gas and totally forgot your wallet!

Rose Keane

Lasell '23

Rose is a sophomore psychology student at Lasell University. Outside from school, she can be found at the mall shopping, hiking, working, or spending time with her animals.
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