Classes To Take At Lasell: Effective Speaking

COM203 - Effective Speaking

Not everyone likes public speaking, and I especially did not when I first entered this class. While I still don’t enjoy public speaking, I feel like this is a great class to take if you aren’t confident with your skills. In COM203, you learn all of the skills needed in order to be prepared and collected when giving a speech. You learn how to properly practice, as well as the important use of gestures and avoiding reading from your paper. After taking this class, you really do feel better about giving speeches. It’s important to know these skills for any profession, so this class isn’t just for Communication majors. Everyone who has ever struggled with public speaking should take this class to improve.

It doesn’t matter who you take the class with, either. Whether it’s Professor Erin Vicente or Professor Angus McQuilken, you’re in a good position because they know this field well.. I took my class with Professor McQuilken, who taught techniques like the "spaghetti arms" in order to get students to gesture more. I felt a lot more confident once the class ended that I was going to be a better public speaker than I was before. Even if you aren't in the communication field, I highly suggest taking it as an elective to gain more fortitude.